25 novembre 2013


Hi guys , good afternoon to everybody ! Today I want you to see a look recently that highlights the trend for this winter, i.e. , check scottish. yes this year back in fashion , but mainly two, colors are iconic of this design, the red and black, and I take this opportunity to demonstrate them working with a outfit made entirely of Zara . i hope you like . good start week to all .


23 novembre 2013


hello guys, as always I apologize for the long break, but the commitments unfortunately I was not allowed to publish any more posts, even if I always updated my profile instagram. For those who would follow from instagram, just look @ dennisranaldi so you can always keep up with my looks and outfits from day to day. In this rainy Saturday, I just have time to show you my new look, completely IMPERIAL. This brand unknown to me until a few months ago, I was definitely went crazy, it's crazy, and now I have it in hand. I hope you enjoy it. Good Saturday evening to all.

24 luglio 2013

My new Poche Toilette 26

Vuitton was my first love , after I have purchased the beautiful keepall 55 travel i could not fail to do so to reach the small port svelte cosmetics. Inside the post you will see also a outfit in which i have worn, a good vision Dennis.


For this look i was inspired by my favorite color, ORANGE. In fact, as you will notice everything turns out the belt hermes that not to oppose it i used a white shirt and a short that relaunched the tone of the orange belt. 
I hope you like . Kisses 


Hi guys, today i showed a look by day that i like it a lot , convenient and fast. To make it interesting and certainly the Aztec print of the tshirts, very colorful and elaborate ! As pants wearing a short don dup ! 
Good day,

09 giugno 2013


Hi guys I present to you the last look made from Zara . 
THE outfit as you will see is based on a color , a trend that has seen much success recently that and the Fluo . Very specifically, i found the flap of the jeans also taken up with a detail fluo. 
I hope you like to hear from you soon good Sunday.


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